Project: House In Damascus

Collaboraion: UgoConcept - Houssam

Location: Damascus

Year: 2011

Type: Resedential

Size: 300Meter

Beautiful heritage house located in Damascus, DAMASCENE HOUSES Old Damascene houses are palaces in the full meaning of the word. What distinguish these houses from others is more than one thing, the paintings which decorate the walls of these houses are the first thing which make these houses museums or galleries. Generally, the old Damascene houses were the people's rest places, their aesthetical pleasures and their representative in the social life. .A Damascene house which is typical of oriental architecture mirrors the social requirements, copes with Islamic traditions, and releases on the raw materials that are found in the Ghouta "farms and gardens that were surrounding Damascus" and overlooking the mountains.
House In Damascus
UgoConcept - Houssam